Top 15 Sports games watched with a Slingbox this past week



1. NBA: Thunder at Warriors
2. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
3. SportsCenter
4. Inside the NBA
5. NBA: Raptors at Cavaliers
6. 2016 Players Championship
7. NBA: Raptors at Heat
8. NASCAR Racing
9. Spanish Primera Division Soccer
10. NBA Tip-Off
11. NHL: Sharks at Blues
12. NHL: Lightning at Penguins
13. 2016 NBA Draft Lottery
14. WWE Monday Night RAW
15.NHRA Drag Racing

Last night, the Warriors took the Thunder to town. This was the 2nd game of the Western Conference finals after the Thunder stole game 1 from Oracle arena, due to a collapse by the Warriors in the 4th quarter. Yesterday, the Warriors came out of the gate strong, and eager to win, but so did the Thunder. The reasons the Thunder lost were due to the turnovers and sloppy playing by OKC, while allowing Curry, the MVP, catch hot fire in the 3rd. Let’s see how the Thunder bounce back, after a near 30 point loss, on Sunday in Oklahoma City.

One thing we do know. Slingbox users love soccer. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division is in their semifinals of the tournament, and within a couple weeks we will find out the victor. I added 5 more sports games on the list so that we can follow the NHL playoffs and see which games are watched more by our users. The NHL playoffs are currently in the Western and Eastern conference finals, just like the NBA playoffs, and the fight for the Stanley Cup will be here shortly. Maybe the Sharks and the Warriors can win, and bring two championships back to the Bay.

We’ll be back next week with more top tens! Have a great weekend everybody.

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