Game of Thrones is back at it again: Top 15 Entertainment


Keep reading to hear my thoughts on yesterday’s Game of Thrones episode. Warning. Possible spoilers ahead. This past week’s top 15 entertainment shows are as follows:

1. Game of Thrones
2. Today
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. The Big Bang Theory
6. Empire
7. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
8. Survivor 
9. ABC News Good Morning America
10. Modern Family
11. El Senor de los Cielos
12. Fear the Walking Dead
13. Castle
14. The Blacklist
15. The O’Reilly Factor

Hold the door! Last night’s Game of Thrones episode still has me broken hearted. I will not tell the non-watchers what happened in the last episode, but I am curious to hear what other Game of Thrones fans think will happen. Bran, the crippled son of Ed Stark, has not made a large impact on the show until now. I believe that yesterday’s episode was the start of his star role for the rest of the show. We are beginning to witness how important his character is in the show, and I can’t get that last scene out of my head. The cinematic quality of the entire episode was amazing, and a round of applause to the young Hodor. That was some great acting!

If I keep ranting about Game of Thrones, I will spill all the beans about what happened. Instead, I would like to honorably mention Survivor for making not the top 15, but the top 10 list this past week! round of applause Survivor’s season finale aired last Wednesday, and I was low-key shocked at who won the million dollars. The final three survivors answered questions by the jury, and then the jury voted who will take home the million dollars. In the end, the survivor who literally coasted her way to the final three took home all the cheese. Kind of disappointed.

We’ll be back Wednesday with sports.

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