Slingbox fans are playoff ready: Top 10 Sports


The NBA and NHL Playoffs continue to dominate the charts, while soccer maintains their position. Here are this past week’s top 10 sports.

1. NBA: Warriors at Thunder
2. NBA: Cavaliers at Raptors
3. SportsCenter
4. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
5. Futbol Espanol Copa del Rey
6. 141st Preakness Stakes
7. NASCAR Racing
8. PGA Tour Golf
9. NHL: Blues at Sharks
10. NHL: Penguins at Lightning

As the playoffs continue for both the NBA and the NHL, soccer has continued to maintain their position as one of the most watched sports with a Slingbox. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division and Futbol Espanol Copa del Rey are both tournaments that are currently going on. Futbol Mexicano Primera has been active for a weeks now and a winner will soon be decided. Pachuca or Monterrey? Who will take the title back home with them.

The OKC Thunder have really been showing the Warriors what they are made of. They are now up 3 wins to 1 against the team who had the best regular season record in NBA history. Not only are the chances small that the Warriors can bring this series to 7 games, but my heart has also shattered into a million pieces. A massive amount of Slingbox users watched yesterday’s game, but let’s see if the NHL conference finals can top some of the NBA games.

We’ll be back next week with more top tens!

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