Warriors breaking records on and off the court: Top 10 Sports


Slingbox’s top 10 sports games this past week. Plus, your NBA update that’s better than Bleacher Report.

1. NBA: Thunder at Warriors
2. NBA: Warriors at Thunder
3. 2016 NBA Finals
4. Inside the NBA
5. UEFA Champions League Soccer
6. SportsCenter
7. NASCAR Racing
8. 2016 Stanley Cup Final
9. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
10. 2016 French Open Tennis

The Golden State Warriors made it to the NBA Finals after coming back from a 1 win to 3 deficit against the Oklahoma City Thunder. As a Warriors fan, nothing could have been sweeter than that come back. The Thunder are known for “choking” or playing sloppily in the 4th quarters, and it seemed to be true. Game 7 Thunder at Warriors was the NBA’s highest rated game ever on cable TV with a score of 11.2. That means that about 11.2% of all cable TV tuned to the Warriors vs Thunder game. That’s crazy!

The Warriors just played Cleveland last night for the first game of the NBA Finals. This is a rematch from last year’s Finals, and the Warriors came out victorious with a 20-point win. Yesterday’s game also rated the highest Game 1 of an NBA Finals in ABC History with a 13.1 rating! I think that due to the rematch between the two teams, and the fact that the Warriors had the best record ever in NBA History, these games will be heavily watched.


We will see how the Warriors face off against the Cavs for the rest of the NBA finals. Don’t forget that the Stanley Cup Final is going on as well. The Sharks are battling against the Penguins and are currently down 0 to 2 in wins. I wonder if the Sharks can bring one home for the land.

We’ll be back next week with more top tens.

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