Slingbox’s Top 10 favorite 2016 NBA Playoffs moments

After creating a Top 10 favorite Game of Thrones gifs blog, I thought it would be fun to do something similar for the NBA playoffs. Below are a collection of amazing, controversial, and “uhh what?” moments that have occurred so far in the post season. Enjoy ūüôā

Steph Curry trying to get open - Imgur

Here we have Steph Curry trying his best to get free through the extremely suffocating Thunder defense. After being down 1-3, the Warriors rallied to win the series in 7 games. But come on, where’s the call ref? Steph is getting straight abused off ball.¬†


Bismack Biyombo just declared he will be a free agent for the next season to come. He was a huge asset for the Raptors in the series and outstanding plays like this one will be the sole reason he lands big money either for the Raptors or for another team.


One of these days, I’ll post a blog dedicated only¬†to Curry highlights. The shot’s he makes are incredible, but this one he made after he got fouled without even really looking.¬†Steph’s favorite dish has to be Serge Ibaka on the perimeter


We already know that Lebron is starting his career in Hollywood, but this is straight laughable. His own teammate Tristan Thompson smacks Lebron¬†right across the face and the refs call that on the opposing team. Even the refs are scared to aggrevate the King. They don’t want to be sentenced to a few years in the dungeons of House Cavalier.


Can you say ball movement? This is a pretty play to any basketball or sport fan. Team work and strong chemistry have always favored the Warriors as they aim to finish of the Cavaliers this week.


Klay Thompson’s 10th 3 pointer to set the new NBA Playoff record, and phew¬†thats a deep one. Looks like Curry has taught him a lot about the 30ft shots.


Well. I have never seen this before. Wade still has that magic touch cause this was pretty cool. The Heat eventually lost to the Raptors in that series, but once Chris Bosh comes back to the Heat, things will look better. Who knows. Maybe Lebron will come back too lol.


Steve Kerr showing off his karate moves. Here he is breaking his 3rd clipboard of the season out of anger. Or maybe this was all a tactic to scare the souls out of the Warriors.


I don’t care how many times Lebron gets hair follicle transplants, or how many inches¬†back his hairline recedes. He still has that power to bring it home. Love seeing a tacky dunk like this, especially in the playoffs. Now all he has to do is bring one home for the Land. But when he means Land does he mean Cleveland? Or Oakland?


I’ll just leave this here.

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  1. Mike Carrick says:

    This is sheer marketing BS. When will you face your customers about the ads you are shoving down our throats without our permission.

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