Watch everything from politics to reality shows with a Slingbox: Top 10 Entertainment


Last week was news. This week politics have been making their way onto our top 10 list.

1. America’s Choice 2016
2. Republican National Convention
3. America’s Election HQ
4. Big Brother
5. Today
6. Hannity
7. The Kelly File
8. The O’Reilly Factor
9. The Bachelorette
10. Democratic National Convention

This past week, Slingbox users have been keeping up with politics. America’s Choice 2016 was the most watched program, and there were a lot of great speeches and also a few not so good speeches. Michelle Obama had a very moving speech and instantly started trending on social media. Not only was America’s Choice 2016 highly watched, but so were the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Considering how the Republican National Convention was viewed more than the Democratic, maybe that means there are more Republican Slingbox owners.

The Bachelorette is also coming to a close as the contestants fight for the very last rose. I do not know enough about that show to talk much about it, but I do know that every Monday, my mother and sister start drinking wine at 6pm in preparation for the 8pm debut of the show. Big Brother on the other hand offers a great way to always be in tune with what is going on in the house. They provide a live stream service of the house 24/7 and it is a great way to spy on the houseguests. Talk about zero privacy.

We’ll be back Friday with sports.

Slingbox fans tuning in to their favorite news programs: Top 10 Entertainment


News can be considered entertainment right? Slingbox fans are watching a lot of news programs recently.

  1. Today
  2. America’s Got Talent
  3. The O’Reilly Factor
  4. The Kelly File
  5. Big Brother
  6. The Big Bang Theory
  7. Hannity
  8. ABC News Good Morning America
  9. America’s Newsroom
  10. Anderson Cooper 360

This past week on the top 10 entertainment list, news programs have been populating our charts. It is interesting to see where Slingbox users go to watch the latest news. The Today show continues to draw in a lot of viewers on a daily basis. Possibly due to the time it is on, or the entertainment it provides people, the Today show always maintains a top spot on our list every week.

In other news (no pun intended), Big Brother remains a favorite show among Slingbox users. Considering that the show airs three times a week for one hour each, we would be surprised if they did not make our list. This reality show is filled with lies and deception, but this year especially, things have really ramped up. All of the contestants must have become numb to all the lies because it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. More for my enjoyment though. Who doesn’t love a little drama every now and then?

We’ll be back next week with more!

The hidden drawbacks of cord cutting


About 100 million homes still have cable, and sure, cord cutting sounds like the new thing to do, but is this really what you need to do? Although the public is fed up with being locked into package plans of monthly fees for cable, the cost comes with huge benefits. Cable is the only viable solution to watch all of the shows that are offered. Cord cutting is just a trendy alternative to watch a small portion of your channels.

According to the New York Times, when comparing different cord cutting options, the common issues they found were:

  • Limitations on content
  • Delays in live broadcast
  • Inability to fast forward through some content
  • Missing important channels
  • Not as universally usable like cable

With a Slingbox not only will you already have cable, but you will have the power to watch your cable from anywhere in the world on almost any device. Having a Slingbox gives you the freedom to watch all of your live TV channels without being tied down to long-term contracts or monthly fees. Grab your Slingbox today, and enhance what you can do with your cord instead of cutting it.


Take me out to the ball game: Slingbox and Focus sponsored the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Hudson Valley Renegades



A few weeks ago, Slingbox and Focus Camera worked together sponsored the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Hudson Valley Renegades baseball game. The game was held on a warm Sunday afternoon and over 7,000 people attended. At the game, we had a Slingbox booth where representatives answered questions about all of our products. To help the fans get excited about Slingbox and baseball, we offered free promotional items and hosted a raffle. 2,000+ people signed up for the raffle and we gave away all of our promotional items!


For an added bonus, Slingbox’s very own, Bill Zani, was given the opportunity to throw the opening pitch of the game. It is great to see everyone actively interested in Slingbox and a big thank you to Focus Camera for helping us get involved in this event. The event was surely a home-run for our team!

Watch all the major tournaments with your Slingbox: Top 10 Sports


With the dramatic conclusions of the UEFA championship and Wimbledon, what will be the next big tournament to watch?

1. 2016 UEFA European Championship
2. Copa Europea UEFA 2016
3. 2016 Wimbledon Championships
4. SportsCenter
5. U.S. Olympic Trials
6. NBA Summer League Basketball
7. NASCAR Racing
8. 2016 Tour de France
9. 2016 T-Mobile Home-Run Derby
10. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division

Huge congratulations to Portugal! They were the underdogs, they were playing away at France, and their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, went down with an injury in the first half. I think it is safe to say, we were all quite shocked to see France lose. The entire game was a battle and eventually went to overtime where Eder scored his first international goal for Portugal. After losing in two finals, this was a huge win for Portugal as it was their first big title.

The 2016 Wimbledon was the 130th edition of the championships held in London, UK from late June to early July. Serena Williams dominated the women’s bracket and went on to win her 22nd major singles title. The men’s, on the other hand, got a lot more interesting after favorites, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, both lost before reaching the finals. Andy Murray ended up winning the title and maintaining his ranking as the 2nd best tennis player.

Stay tuned for more top tens!