The hidden drawbacks of cord cutting


About 100 million homes still have cable, and sure, cord cutting sounds like the new thing to do, but is this really what you need to do? Although the public is fed up with being locked into package plans of monthly fees for cable, the cost comes with huge benefits. Cable is the only viable solution to watch all of the shows that are offered. Cord cutting is just a trendy alternative to watch a small portion of your channels.

According to the New York Times, when comparing different cord cutting options, the common issues they found were:

  • Limitations on content
  • Delays in live broadcast
  • Inability to fast forward through some content
  • Missing important channels
  • Not as universally usable like cable

With a Slingbox not only will you already have cable, but you will have the power to watch your cable from anywhere in the world on almost any device. Having a Slingbox gives you the freedom to watch all of your live TV channels without being tied down to long-term contracts or monthly fees. Grab your Slingbox today, and enhance what you can do with your cord instead of cutting it.


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