Slingbox fans tuning in to their favorite news programs: Top 10 Entertainment


News can be considered entertainment right? Slingbox fans are watching a lot of news programs recently.

  1. Today
  2. America’s Got Talent
  3. The O’Reilly Factor
  4. The Kelly File
  5. Big Brother
  6. The Big Bang Theory
  7. Hannity
  8. ABC News Good Morning America
  9. America’s Newsroom
  10. Anderson Cooper 360

This past week on the top 10 entertainment list, news programs have been populating our charts. It is interesting to see where Slingbox users go to watch the latest news. The Today show continues to draw in a lot of viewers on a daily basis. Possibly due to the time it is on, or the entertainment it provides people, the Today show always maintains a top spot on our list every week.

In other news (no pun intended), Big Brother remains a favorite show among Slingbox users. Considering that the show airs three times a week for one hour each, we would be surprised if they did not make our list. This reality show is filled with lies and deception, but this year especially, things have really ramped up. All of the contestants must have become numb to all the lies because it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. More for my enjoyment though. Who doesn’t love a little drama every now and then?

We’ll be back next week with more!

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One comment on “Slingbox fans tuning in to their favorite news programs: Top 10 Entertainment

  1. Teresa says:

    I purchased the app by accident. I don’t want the Slingbox app. How can I get a refund?

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