Watch everything from politics to reality shows with a Slingbox: Top 10 Entertainment


Last week was news. This week politics have been making their way onto our top 10 list.

1. America’s Choice 2016
2. Republican National Convention
3. America’s Election HQ
4. Big Brother
5. Today
6. Hannity
7. The Kelly File
8. The O’Reilly Factor
9. The Bachelorette
10. Democratic National Convention

This past week, Slingbox users have been keeping up with politics. America’s Choice 2016 was the most watched program, and there were a lot of great speeches and also a few not so good speeches. Michelle Obama had a very moving speech and instantly started trending on social media. Not only was America’s Choice 2016 highly watched, but so were the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Considering how the Republican National Convention was viewed more than the Democratic, maybe that means there are more Republican Slingbox owners.

The Bachelorette is also coming to a close as the contestants fight for the very last rose. I do not know enough about that show to talk much about it, but I do know that every Monday, my mother and sister start drinking wine at 6pm in preparation for the 8pm debut of the show. Big Brother on the other hand offers a great way to always be in tune with what is going on in the house. They provide a live stream service of the house 24/7 and it is a great way to spy on the houseguests. Talk about zero privacy.

We’ll be back Friday with sports.

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