Watch the 2016 US Open with a Slingbox: Top 10 Sports


Here is your top 10 sports list this past week.

  1. 2016 U.S. Open
  2. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
  3. SportsCenter
  4. 2016 Little League World Series
  5. Spanish Primera Division Soccer
  6. NASCAR Racing
  7. The Barclays 2016 Golf Tournament
  8. English Premier League Soccer
  9. NFL GameDay Live
  10. High school Football

The 2016 U.S Open is a tennis tournament played on outdoor hard tennis courts. This year will mark the 136th edition of the tournament and the last Grand Slam event of the year. Novak Djokovic is the defending champion for the men’s single event. It will be interesting to see how he places in this tournament. Djokovic, seed 1, and Rafael Nadal, seed 4, both played yesterday and won rather easily. Today, Stan Wawrinka, seed 3, and Kei Nishikori, seed 6, both advanced to the next round after defeating their opponents.

The Williams sisters are both playing this tournament as well. Venus is playing right now as the 6th seed, and Serena will be playing at 4:00PM PT. Boot up your Slingplayer and watch the two battle their opponents in order to advance to the next rounds.

We’ll be back Thursday with entertainment.

Summer never ends with a Slingbox: Top 10 Entertainment


Here are the top ten most watched entertainment shows of the past week.

1. Today
2. Bachelor in Paradise
3. Big Brother
4. America’s Got Talent
5. Power
6. The Big Bang Theory
7. ABC News Good Morning America
8. The O’Reilly Factor
9. NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
10. Fear the Walking Dead

Bachelor in Paradise is an elimination style reality competition series where the show features previous contestants of the famous show, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The eliminated men and women from the two shows are isolated on a romantic tropical destination where they continue to try and find love. This show occurs during the off seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and it is a great way to keep the fans occupied for the time being, until the show comes back.

In other news, Big Brother is almost over. The summer is coming to an end as the houseguests are fighting for the $500,000. Who will be the lucky one to win the money at the end of the show? Also, a lot of Slingbox users tuned in to the America’s Got Talent semifinals Wednesday. Let’s see next week how things turn out.

We’ll be back next week with more.

Watch the 2016 Little League World Series with your Slingbox


It’s back! The 2016 Little League World Series started Thursday, August 18th and we cannot be happier. The Little League World Series received a lot of viewers this past week, and we wanted to take some time to talk about how the Little League World Series works. The World Series is split between 16 teams. 8 teams from the United States and 8 international teams. The 8 U.S. teams compete against each other while the 8 international teams also compete against each other. Then, the winner from the U.S. bracket will play against the winner from the International bracket in the Little League World Series Championship on Sunday August 28th.

The U.S. has won the Little League World Series 33 times while International teams have won 36 times. Can we bring the title home with us this year?


Summer never ends with Big Brother: Top 10 Entertainment


Your 10 most watched programs of the week on Slingbox, non-sports edition, were as follows. Check after the list for a few quick thoughts on this week’s most watched home entertainment:

1. Today
2. Big Brother
3. NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt
4. Bachelor in Paradise
5. ABC News Good Morning America
6. The Big Bang Theory
7. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
8. Power
9. FOX and Friends
10. The Young and the Restless

Big Brother continues to remain a highly watched show among Slingbox users. This reality TV game show follows a cast of Americans from all over the world with different backgrounds. The fun part about the show is that in order to survive and have the chance of winning $500,000, you must lie, deceive, win competitions, or do whatever it takes to get to the end. This show is a great way to see what happens when you drop a bunch of people in an enclosed environment for a set period of time and say “good luck”. Luckily fans of this show will not see any Lord of the Flies reenactments happening, but things can get a bit shady inside the house.

This past week in the Big Brother house, the group of strangers began to divide. The cracks started forming a couple weeks ago when alliances started to feel uncomfortable with the people that had power. Time to expect the unexpected and see what will happen with this game.

We’ll be back Thursday with more

Top 10 U.S. cities with the highest amount of Slingbox users

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.08.15 AMConsidering that Slingbox can be used to watch your live TV from anywhere in the world, we gathered some data to see which cities in the United States have the most Slingbox users. These are the top ten cities with the highest amount of Slingbox users:

1. New York, NY
2. Houston, TX
3. Brooklyn, NY
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Chicago, IL
6. Los Angeles, CA
7. Saint Louis, MO
8. Pittsburgh, PA
9. Miami, FL
10. Ashburn, VA

As expected the larger cities have the highest concentration of Slingbox users. With New York, NY taking the lead with the most users. Ashburn, VA surprisingly is not too far behind. Sure they may be on the bottom of our list, but the fact that they made the top ten list out of all cities in the United States is extremely impressive. Ashburn has about 0.5% the total population compared to New York, NY with approximately 43,000 people living there right now. Way to go Ashburn!

Here at Slingbox we want to give a big shout out to these cities who are using their Slingbox to watch their live TV from anywhere in the world. Keep using your Slingbox, and represent your city!

In Memoriam: Blake Krikorian (1968-2016)


“We are saddened by the tragic news of Blake’s passing. He was a true visionary who forever changed the content landscape when he envisioned the evolution of TV Anywhere capability over a decade ago with the founding of Slingbox. While I personally did not have the privilege of meeting him, from my conversations with several employees at Sling Media who knew him well, it is clear that he was beloved by all who had the pleasure of working with him. Once he believed in something his passion was second to none, and while he was a successful entrepreneur he never forgot the ‘human element’ in his attitude towards his colleagues. Outside of the company he was a friend to everyone and genuinely cared for people’s well-being, which is a rare virtue that no one at the company took for granted. His impact and legacy reaches far beyond his work at Sling Media and his loss will be felt by many. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.”
–  Mark Vena, vice president of worldwide marketing, Sling Media

Catch all your Olympic games this weekend with a Slingbox: Top 10 Sports


This past week, major sporting events are winding down as the 2016 Rio Olympics will be taking their place. Will America bring back the gold?

1. 2016 PGA Championship
2. SportsCenter
3. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
4. NASCAR Racing
5. U.S. Olympic Trials
6. WWE Monday Night RAW
7. Women’s Open Champ
8. Basketball
9. Cricket
10. Futbol

With the Olympics right around the corner, large sporting events have begun to slow down. The biggest event this past week was the 2016 PGA Championship where Jimmy Walker won his first major championship title with a score of 14 under par. He was only one shot ahead of the reigning champ Jason Day! The PGA Championship was held at the Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey. Horrible weather was customary during the entire championship, and there were many delays and waterlogged parts of the course. The tournament started two weeks in advance due to the 2016 Rio Olympics that will be occurring very soon.

The 2016 Rio Olympics will have their opening ceremony on Friday, August 5 at 4:00PM (PT) on NBC. Let’s see how the opening ceremony this year compares with the past ceremonies we have seen. Swimming will be the first sport to air from Saturday, August 6th at 6:00PM. Men’s 400m individual medley will start off the 2 week Olympic events.

We’ll be back later this week with entertainment.