Watch Westworld with your Slingbox: Top 10 Entertainment

1. The Walking Dead
2. The OT
3. The Big Bang Theory
4. The O’Reilly Factor
5. Grey’s Anatomy
6. Today
7. Happening Now
8. FOX and Friends
9. America’s Newsroom
10. Westworld

As The Walking Dead continues to lead the pack in this past week’s top 10 entertainment list, HBO’s new show Westworld finally makes our list. Westworld premiered October 2nd, and was recently approved for a second season. The show is currently one of the highest rated shows on IMDb at the moment with a score of 91%. If you are interested in watching this show, you will need a subscription to HBO, but for all of the Game of Thrones fans out there, Westworld is a perfect placeholder until the Game of Thrones season comes back. Westworld’s most recent episode shocked many viewers, but was a big hit among Slingbox users.

To all of the TV fans that are not aware of Westworld, it is a sci-fi show about a wild wild west themed amusement park hosted by robots but managed and visited by humans. This show follows many different characters and how they manage to differentiate the reality from fantasy. The next episode of Westworld airs Sunday at 8pm PT.

We’ll be back with sports

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