The Walking Dead continues to remain the top show in November: Top 10 Entertainment


1. The Walking Dead
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Saturday Night Live
4. Today
5. The Voice
6. Dancing With The Stars
8. 2016 American Music Awards
9. ABC News Good Morning America
10. The O’Reilly Factor

This past week, Slingbox users were enjoying the top entertainment shows of the season. The Walking Dead continues to remain the top show of the month as they stack another “most watched show” title for their record book. The Walking Dead airs every Sunday, and although Slingbox users watch a lot of The Walking Dead, their total viewers are drastically shrinking. After the season premier that answered the season 6 cliffhanger, the amount of regular viewers dropped by about 6 million people!

This Black Friday there are a ton of great deals, but one of the best out there is with Slingbox. For our loyal Slingbox customers we are offering a limited time offer starting on Cyber Monday! Help your friends and family enjoy The Walking Dead and all of their other favorite shows and sports on almost any device, anywhere. Check out our Special Offers page on Monday morning to learn more.


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