Learn more about the Slingbox M2 with David Gregg


Check out David Gregg on Coffee with America talking about the award winning Slingbox M2 and its new low price. The Slingbox M2 was featured on David Gregg’s Preparing for the Holidays Tour, which had an estimated total audience of over 11.6 million! Check out what David Gregg has to say.

And to all of our loyal Slingbox customers, don’t forget to pounce on the new low price. We have extended our Cyber Monday promo so now is the best chance to gift yourself or your friends and family with the Slingbox M2! Go to www.slingbox.com/promo to claim your discount.

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2 comments on “Learn more about the Slingbox M2 with David Gregg

  1. mfogartymd@hotmail.com says:

    I purchased a slingbox Pro-HD July 29, 2010. The Box works great and has for years. I stopped using the account for a period of time. When I tried to log back in to the account, and after contacting Slingbox several times, I found out that SLINGBOX DELETED THE ACCOUNT. I sent them proof of sale, and confirmation order.

    When I called slingbox they were the most rude and arrogant people I have ever spoken with. Well mannered but unwilling “undelete” the account. Furthermore get this “We are technical support. We cannot create your account. We cannot undelete the account. No there is no one else to talk with to solve this problem”.

    Essentially they were saying “Yes wee sold you a sling-box and we closed the account because you hadn’t used it in awhile. Yes we understand the slingbox still works but we closed your account so you have to buy a new one.”

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