Top 10 shows to watch with your Slingbox during the holidays: Top 10 Entertainment


1. The Walking Dead
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Today
4. The Simpsons
5. Designated Survivor
6. Westworld
7. Modern Family
8. The Voice
9. Criminal Minds
10. The Kelly File

The Walking Dead grabs another number one spot on our Top 10 entertainment list, as Westworld and The Simpsons secure their positions on our list. The Walking Dead aired their 7th episode on Sunday, and are preparing to release their season finale in a couple weeks. Westworld on the other hand had their season finale on Sunday, and it was one and a half hours of amazing cinematography. The amount of time Westworld spends on symbolism, imagery, audio, and computer graphics is absolutely incredible. Although I personally don’t enjoy paying for the HBO subscription fee to watch their shows and movies, HBO does spend a lot of money to create the best possible entertainment.

Everyone loves The Simpsons, and it is always great to see them make our top 10 list. It is crazy to think that they aired their first episode all the way back in 1989, and they continue to produce quality TV week after week, year after year. The Simpsons are currently on their 28th season with 619 total episodes.

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One comment on “Top 10 shows to watch with your Slingbox during the holidays: Top 10 Entertainment

  1. Dave Repko says:

    I am trying to call Slingbox to make a purchase of a new device. I want to speak with a customer representative. When I call (At 9:30 am eastern time) the recording says that the customer service center is closed even though the message says hours that include 9:30 am on a Wednesday. Please let me know when I can call and speak with someone.

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