We’ve streamlined the ways that you watch TV and work with Slingbox settings.

 Regardless of the Slingbox model that you use:

  • To watch TV, please use http://watch.slingbox.com
  • For Slingbox setup/configuration, use the free SlingPlayer app for Windows/Mac.

 If you have been using a different method to watch your Slingbox in the past, we’re sorry, but that method may no longer be available. 

 Want to learn more? Please visit:


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28 comments on “We’ve streamlined the ways that you watch TV and work with Slingbox settings.

  1. Kristi Brown says:


  2. Scott says:

    Wow this is a JOKE. The browser ones STINK compared to the desktop app.

    Guess it is time to move on from the joke of Sling Media.


  3. The sling box sucks
    I ran it before I left home worked fine
    In Arizona with Cox top internet supplier
    Cannot change channels and forget about recording any thing
    Check it out in Arizona
    It is not working properly

  4. Micheal says:

    I use the iPad and iphone SlingPlayer app. It works great so far and always has ,,

  5. Scott says:

    Yeah right. It isn’t anywhere near as crisp as it used to be. I have 100mb down and 50mb up Internet. Everything was great until they took away desktop app and “streamlined” everything. The apps aren’t as crisp anymore and suffer from buffering.

  6. Scott says:

    I think they found out they can charge people fees for Sling TV but everyone got on it and it is suffering from massive buffering issues so they are stealing bandwidth from us poor suckers who bought Slingboxes and they aren’t making monthly fees off of.


  7. Stephen Davy says:

    Are you saying the ONLY way to watch a Slingbox is now via a browser at watch.slingbox.com?

  8. Jeff says:

    This is BS. watch.slingbox.com not working now and no desktop player????
    Time to look for an alternative.

  9. TC says:

    Let me get this straight…. To watch, we have to use a web browser (which crashes most of the time because y’all messed up your javascript), but to configure we have to use the desktop app?

    So far, the only thing that works reliably well is the mobile apps.

    Please fix the desktop player to work again and the web site. We, your customers, purchased slingboxes in good faith. You marketed to us that we’d never have to pay a fee and we’d be able to use our slingbox without anything but what was provided. If that was false, I am disappointed.

    Please help us.

    • Tim says:

      I cannot use your browser software – it crashes after 10 secs on my computer. Now that you changed Sligplayer for desktop I HAVE NO MEANS TO USE THE SLINGBOX 500 I purchased. I can only see the small video setup screen. Please, you have got to fix this.

      In the meantime I am overseas in the Middle East, angry that you have effectively disabled my purchase, and now have plenty of non-viewing time to comment about this miserable product support on every outlet I can find.

  10. Jeff says:

    F#*k I am getting totally sick and tired of this. First player for desktop locks up in the setting section with numerous customers and you totally ignore their questions with no response to why or what your doing to fix it. THEN all of a sudden you send a blog saying it is discontinued and we have to use the web player with no explanation why and no response to the reply’s on this blog from MORE angry customers who don’t want to use the web version, myself included, as it is much more cumbersome and non user friendly.

    Well now to top it off only a week and half since all this crap has started and not been resolved apart from just shutting down the desktop player I am not able to use the web version either. I am overseas trying to troubleshoot this thing, yes Slingbox if your not aware that is why we all have your product to watch our TV’s when we’re NOT at home, and with the help of my wife concluded the box is not recognizing the network as the network light does not stay after unplugging/plugging in or resetting the box.

    Only support provided is in the “active community” and only fix I can find there is to get a new power cord. Not sure how this will fix it as the power light is on but for $20 I’ll give it a try.

    OH BUT WAIT! When I try and order it from your store YOU DON”T DELIVER IT TO CANADA! WTF!

    I bought the F’ing thing in Canada and you’ve taken my $29.95 for previous help but now I can’t get a new power supply, that you say is the only one for a 500, and is supposed to rectify my problem.

    Unbelievable. You don’t have a problem with support because you don’t supply any. Unless we pay the $29.95 every time we have a problem even when it’s your fault.

  11. Drew says:

    Absolutely awful. I used to watch through my browser no problem. Login yesterday and I’m told to download some app. Ok, fine. Except it doesn’t work. Gives me an error message and tells me that if my slingbox is hardwired then my computer can’t be on wifi. WTF? Its 2016. People use wifi at home or traveling. But my box is hardwired.

    Only way I can even see my “tv” is to admit that I screwed up setting it up (I didn’t, wires are fine), click reconfigure, and then squint at the tiny box in the upper corner. So clearly it connects just fine.

    Fix the damn thing

  12. “If needed, you are prompted to install some software that allows Watch on Slingbox.com to work with your web browser. It’s automatic, easy to do, and only takes a minute or so.”

    Yea but what if I am on a computer who doesn’t allow software to be installed without admin privileges? Then I am just straight out of luck? This company has no idea what its doing.

    • Kristi Brown says:

      Even if you did have admin privileges, the plug-ins don’t fix the issue that ALL browsers have. Every browser crashes.
      I loved the desktop app. Yes, I realize we can still watch through our phone or iPad, and yes I realize we can then sling it to our tv via a streaming device. Still, I preferred the set-up I had with my PC connected to my 60-in TV, and a small wireless keyboard as my remote. I don’t like using my phone as a remote.
      I don’t understand why the desktop app is now intentionally disabled for viewing purposes.
      Slingbox- PLEASE EXPLAIN!!

  13. Gary H says:

    Have been trying to reinstall my slingbox 350 onto my network but the only way i keep getting pushed is to download and use the desktop application, problem is the 350 isnt supported. any ideas how to re-add it ??

    • Jim says:

      My 350 works using the web support at newwatch.slingbox.com. Yours should also

      • GaryH says:

        It will not let me configure/setup a 350 sling box, I can use currently setup ones. I wanted a response from sling as I actually sell their products … or should I say did !!!! I have used it for a number of years but seems to get worse with every “upgrade”. I used to show customers how it worked on my phone and let them see it working, did sell 20+ of these a day. As I can no longer demo the product as mine cannot be set up again my had zero sales for last couple of months, had 45 the previous one. Good job I’m not on commision and can sell the best products

  14. Mark says:

    Since the change my app is stuck in a configuration loop that gives me no way to click out of it to watch. Please fix this oversight. This is giving Sling really bad publicity.

  15. Ivan W says:

    Your customer support is crap! All you want to do is charge me $29.50 to fix something you screwed up! My 500 is apparently a dead product. The web does not work, get it?

  16. GaryH says:

    Can someone from sling actually contact me and explain how to setup a SlingPlayer 350.

  17. AtlPhilip says:

    No desktop app? What a horrific business decision. I guess it’s time to dump Slingbox and get a TivoStream.

  18. JD says:

    Let me join the long list of people who say that this is a garbage product.
    I downloaded the desktop app, it actually seemed to work, except it won’t go full screen. It has a internet banner add taking up the bottom 15% of the screen and the rest is shrunken.
    Resolution looks poor, despite a very fast uplink and downlink on the computers I’m using.
    This product and the support really suck.
    I would not recommend it.

  19. K Duffy says:

    I’m on a slingbox PRO. All was working a treat a few weeks ago, now I’m trying to use webplayer since desktop player has now been disabled.

    So, as guided, I (re)configure via desktop app (that’s all it can do now), then go to browser to watch – but browser message suggess it thinks my slingbox still isn’t configured, and one can’t do the configuration in the browser, I’l need to use the desktop app for that…. so I’m stuck in a loop.

    In summary, newwatch.sling.com seems to think my box is not configured, but windows desktop app already has all my settings and shows my TV in a small box, so all is well with my TV and device, just being blocked by sling server’s settings….

    I’ve tried all browers and been through this loop several times. I’ve even tried downloading an older version of the desktop app, but installation fails (on Windows 10). Someone, please help me escape!

  20. SS says:

    Hey Sling, what are you doing? First I couldn’t get newatch to work, then for two weeks it miraculously worked now nothing! Can you please tell us what to do.

    A lot of us prefer a direct plug-in to the tv from our computers rather than streaming off an ipad.

    And stop directing us to watch.slingbox.com That is an incorrect webpage. IT redirects to newatch.slingbox which gets in a perpetual “launching” loop.

  21. C D says:

    **Browser solution found, sort of, see below***

    As with everyone above, my 10+ year old Slingbox PRO-HD which works like a charm still is almost useless via a desktop Mac now thanks to your “Streamlining.” (Yes iPad/iPhone apps work, but I have a MacMini I want to use when I’m at home.)

    Desktop App v1.0 Mac (From Sling’s Old Software link) won’t open on a modern mac. I found a way to trick it to open but I can’t get it to recognize my password.

    Current Desktop App for Mac – Great to see it back, and it works for setup – but you have crippled it from actually letting you stream TV! (I guess since you can’t insert your ads into the app.)

    Using Safari – I install the “WebPlayer” app via Safari. It does install but Safari can never connect and the app doesn’t connect.

    Using Chrome and Firefox – Seems to get farther than Safari, but WebPlayer never succeeds to connect.

    Finally, my last resort is still sadly the best and now only working option on the Desktop is your Slingplayer for Facebook app. Please do not disable this app as it is the only one working on the Mac now.

  22. C D says:

    In fact Sling, if you don’t want to support these old boxes anymore I would completely understand it. But why not opensource the player software and at least let us continue to use the hardware? For people living overseas our Slingboxes are amazing connection to our homes. Just let us hardwire our own personal IP addresses into the app and avoid connecting via newwatch links? That would allow you to shutdown newwatch.slingbox.com while not p*ssing off your old customers by allowing us to still use our boxes…

  23. hateful8 says:

    People, stop using this web crap. Company clearly abandoned its customers. Use legacy version 1.5. I tested it on Windows 10 and it works very nice. Just point to your Sling IP and port.
    After installing the app set compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3
    Once in the app go to menu Sling Player Options and in video tab choose
    When available use Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) technology
    Use VMR9 if support on current monitor
    (This is for Windows 10)

    get V1.5 from here

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