On the road? Watch the NFL Playoffs with your Slingplayer


1. NFL: Packers at Cowboys
2. FOX NFL Postgame
3. NFL: Steelers at Chiefs
4. NFL: Seahawks at Falcons
5. NFL: Texans at Patriots
6. Sports Center
7. Futbol Mexicano Primera Division
8. FOX NFL Sunday
9. English Premier League Soccer
10. The NFL Today

This past week the NFL playoffs have been dominating our top ten list as teams advance closer and closer to the Super Bowl. For those who may have missed some of the Playoffs, here is a quick run down on this past week’s results.

Packers 34 – Cowboys 31
Steelers 18 – Chiefs 16
Seahawks 20 – Falcons 36
Texans 16 – Patriots 34

On Sunday January 22nd, the Packers will play against the Falcons in Atlanta, and the Steelers will face off against the Patriots in New England. The winners of these two games will go on to the Super Bowl, which will air on Sunday, February 5th. Not going to be in front of a TV? No problem. Tune in with your Slingbox to see who will advance to the Super Bowl. Are With the Slingplayer app you can watch all of your live TV and DVR content from anywhere in the world!

We’ll be back with more.

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One comment on “On the road? Watch the NFL Playoffs with your Slingplayer

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