Political Entertainment with Slingbox: Top 10 Entertainment


1. Presidential Inauguration 2017
2. NBC News: Inauguration Day
3. America’s Newsroom
4. ABC News: Inauguration 2017
5. Inauguration of Donald J. Trump
6. Today
7. Good Morning America
8. The Big Bang Theory
9. Special Report With Bret Baier
10. The Bachelor

This past week, thousands of Slingbox users tuned in to watch Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Whether from their living room couch, or on the road, the Slingplayer app assured that they didn’t miss it. Donald Trump was elected as our 45th President of the United States, and to say the least, there were mixed emotions from the public. As with most elections, there are always people who are disappointed with the results, but as an outsider looking in, this inauguration and election, as a whole, felt different from the rest. One reason why is an estimated 1.8 million people showed up to Obama’s inauguration in 2009 compared to an estimated 250,000 people showing up to Trump’s inauguration. The election is still a sticky subject, but we all hope that Trump does his very best for our country.

On a different note, the Superbowl is coming up soon! It’s between the Patriots and the Falcons on Sunday Febuary 5th. We’ll be back next week with more news regarding sports.

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