Get ready for the Super Bowl with a Slingbox


Here’s all you need to know about the Super Bowl, and how you can watch the Super Bowl with your Slingbox!

The 51st Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the underdog Atlanta Falcons airs this Sunday at 3:30PM PT. The Super Bowl is easily the most watched sporting event in American history, so you don’t wanna miss it! If you’re on vacation, let’s say in the Caribbean, turn on that Slingbox that is connected to your cable box at home through your Slingplayer app, and watch the Super Bowl live from your bungalow.

Will Tom Brady push his team to go on and win another Super Bowl? Or will the underdog Falcons with their all-star wide receiver, Julio Jones, surprise us with a win? If you’re thinking about betting on this Super Bowl and want to risk it to get the biscuit, put your money on the Atlanta Falcons. Right now ESPN odds for the Falcons to win are 13 to 5. So pretty much, if you were to bet $100 on the Falcons, you could end up with 260 big ones in your pocket. Hopefully this Super Bowl won’t have any deflated footballs or something. Who would do a thing like that?

Have a Happy Super Bowl Weekend from the Slingbox team.

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One comment on “Get ready for the Super Bowl with a Slingbox

  1. Svein Tøndel says:

    it seams to be difficult to get help. i have problems to get my Setup assistant to aksess my router. Where kan i get help?

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