Slingbox M1: Now available in the UK and Europe!

We’re happy to announce that Slingbox M1 is now available for purchase in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden! You can get it in the UK at PC World, Currys, and Maplin, and in the Nordic countries through distributors like Turbosat International Limited, TechData and EET Group.

Here’s a quick rundown if you’re new to the product: The M1 is the best entry-level Slingbox we’ve ever made, with an MSRP of £129.99/€199.99. When you hook it up to your home set-top box and to the Internet (via either Wi-Fi or ethernet), it gives you access to your home TV (either live or recorded programming) anywhere on Earth with an Internet connection. You can watch via Slingplayer for Desktop (Windows or Mac), our Slingplayer apps on iOS, Android, Windows or Kindle Fire, or on another TV via Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV. This video illustrates its features well:

Check out our press release on the launch for more information!

Embrace the Madness and Enter our Sweepstakes!

Every year, March rolls around, and with it comes the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Most of the games, especially in the frenetic early rounds that embody the “March Madness” moniker, take place in the middle of the typical American workday. How are you supposed to keep track of all the craziness when you’re stuck in your office, removed from a TV and hunched over a computer (supposedly) working?

The answer, of course, is Slingbox. It lets you watch 100 percent of your home TV anywhere on any device, whether it’s on a workstation at your office or in a hotel room on the other side of the world. March Madness — the time of obsessive bracket-checking and morning-til-night must-watch programming — is a perfect example of when Slingbox is absolutely indispensable. To illustrate that point, we’re announcing our “Madness Cubed” sweepstakes to coincide with the tourney. One grand prize winner will get not only a Slingbox 500, but the “ultimate cubicle makeover” — we’ll deck out your workspace with a luxuriously comfortable chair and tons of gear and decorations for the team of your choice so you can watch March Madness in style. We’ll also deliver an epic party meal for you and your coworkers. It should look something like this video we produced:

68 runners-up will also win Slingbox M1s. Head over to this page to sign up, and let the madness begin!

Slingbox M1 chosen one of CNET’s 5 best Apple gadgets of 2014!

Every year Brian Tong, host of CNET’s Apple Byte vlog, chooses his five favorite products that work with iPhone or iPad. Slingbox definitely qualifies via our Slingplayer for iOS apps, and the Slingbox M1 was featured in his recently-released top 5 for 2014.

Tong described his M1 purchase as “one of the best investments I’ve ever made,” and obviously, we agree. He’s also running an Apple-themed giveaway contest, and (inadvertently?) promoting healthy eating simultaneously, by asking people to send in pictures of them eating an actual apple to either @briantong on Twitter or He’ll give away an M1 (as well as everything else on his list) to the submissions he deems most creative.

Thanks for the holiday-time love, Brian!

Slingplayer comes to the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick!

You’ve probably seen those commercials with Gary Busey, being as Busey-like as possible, using Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. He makes such points as how much more useful the Fire TV Stick is than a seashell:

As of today, the Fire TV products can boast yet another feature that seashells don’t have: a version of our Slingplayer app! Along with Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV, this adds another option for our customers who want a way to watch their home TV content on a second TV, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Like all Slingplayer products, our Fire TV app lets you access your home cable or satellite programming, live or recorded, with no restrictions whatsoever. Whether that means setting up a Fire TV at a vacation home in another country, bringing a Fire TV Stick to a friend’s house if you want to watch a game on a channel only you get, or simply setting up a second TV in your own home, this is another way that Slingbox lets you maximize the value of the TV you already pay for.

The Slingplayer for Fire TV app is compatible with the Slingbox M1, Slingbox 500 and Slingbox 350. With sufficient bandwidth, the app is capable of delivering an HD picture, and it does not require a phone or tablet app to control set-top box commands — the Fire TV remote is all you need for it. The Slingplayer for Fire TV app is available now, for free, in the Fire TV app store.

Watch Slingbox M1 appear on The Price is Right! [VIDEO]

December 12, 2014, was a big day for The Price is Right — not only was it longtime former host Bob Barker’s 91st birthday, but it was also the day that our Slingbox M1 made an appearance on the legendary daytime game show.

Presenter Rachel Reynolds introduced the M1 (along with an iPad, to watch on with Slingplayer) as a “hot item for my husband David’s present this year,” as needless to say, we agree. (Especially since David is former MLB player David Dellucci, and Slingbox is the only way to watch all your sports online anywhere.)

Everyone in the audience received a free M1, and it was a blast to be a part of the show! Watch the segment below:

Slingbox M1 wins Fierce Innovation Award!

FIERCE-456The publishers of Fierce Wireless, Fierce Telecom and Fierce Cable give out the Fierce Innovation Awards, which honor the best technology solutions introduced in the previous year, annually. The winners of the Telecom edition of the Awards were announced on Wednesday and we’re very happy to announce that our Slingbox M1 was the winner in the “Set-Top Boxes & Related Devices” category!

This certainly isn’t the first award Slingbox has won — past highlights have included a Technology & Engineering Emmy, a Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum product design award, and Engadget’s “Home Entertainment Device of the Year” — but we’re ecstatic that the M1 is being recognized in this way. Thanks to the Fierce Innovation Awards for the honor!

Slingplayer for Android tablet update brings Chromecast, Roku handoff support

Today we’re excited to announce an update to our Slingplayer for Android tablets app! Android tablet users will receive a spiffy new user interface as well as support for Roku handoff and Chromecast on the Slingbox M1, SlingTV and Slingbox 350.

Chromecast support for iPhone, iPad and Android phone has been available for a few weeks, and we’re happy to welcome tablet-using aficionados of the little green robot to the Chromecast-for-Sling world.