Enhance Your Sports Viewing with SlingPlayer

With March Madness upon us, the NBA Playoffs right around the corner and the MLB season less than a month away, this is the best time to be a sports fan! Did you know that SlingPlayer for iPad offers current sports scores and statistics for the game you’re enjoying … as you watch?

Think of it: you’re streaming the tournament from your Slingbox. You’re also texting with your know-it-all buddy, who’s gunning for the other team and spouting out game stats like some kind of authority. You’ve always wondered … does he have his facts straight?

Well, wonder no more … SlingPlayer for iPad is like having the best play-by-play commentator sitting right next to you!

SlingPlayer for iPad sports info

SlingPlayer for iPad is a sports game powerhouse, offering sports fans all kinds of info, including scores, stats, data … everything but the beer and snacks!

Here are the new sports-related features: Continue reading

Social TV: Sling Media’s 2014 Predictions

SlingPlayer for iPad - Sports Stats ScreenEarlier this week, we posted Lost Remote’s 2014 predictions for social TV. Now it’s our turn to weigh in. We don’t have a Magic 8-Ball, but we do have something better – our Product team.

Here are some of our own predictions, thanks to a few staffers at Sling Media:

  1. Social TV will drive story-lines for scripted shows.
  2. Facebook will track what you want to watch in order to fill your News Feed with recommended shows.
  3. More episode-specific hashtags will be generated by the content creators to drive deeper engagement.
  4. You will be able to instantly tune in live to a show from your social media feed on any device.
  5. “Shows” which start out as user-generated, DIY-type programs will gain enough social cachet that they will be picked up by a major broadcast or cable network (i.e., “Sh*t My Dad Says” was picked up based on the wildly popular Facebook and Twitter accounts).
  6. Appointment TV will continue to see a resurgence as more and more people either want to join the social media conversation live during a program’s first run or they don’t want to see spoilers on their social media feeds for a show they watch.

If you haven’t downloaded SlingPlayer for iPad, check it out to see what we’re already doing in the area of social TV. Not only can you post comments on Facebook and Twitter as you’re watching your favorite show on your iPad, but you can also look up sports stats while watching the live game (see image above). More social features will be rolled out later in the year.

What do you think will happen to social TV in 2014?