Saints-Falcons and Kansas State-Iowa State were the weekend’s most exciting games, as measured by Thuuz

With the NFL starting up and college football already in full swing, we just saw 2014’s first full weekend of good ol’ gridiron action. We hope you enjoyed it if you were watching via Sling or otherwise — but were you definitely watching the most exciting games you could be?

Of course, your viewing priority might be just to watch your favorite teams. But if you’re the type of fan who flips around looking for the most intriguing matchups, exhilarating back-and-forth action and thrilling finishes, there’s an app that uses SCIENCE to help you do that more effectively.

It’s called Thuuz (pronounced like the second syllable in “enthuse”). It uses a proprietary algorithm, which takes into account game data and social media signals, to give sports contests a real-time “Excitement Rating.” Thuuz’s app, which is free on iOS or Android, includes Sling deep-linking — meaning you can identify exciting games on Thuuz and then open them on your Slingplayer app with one click. You also can customize Thuuz to alert you whenever games pass a certain Excitement Rating threshold. In addition, Thuuz (for NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball, MLB and NHL) is integrated into Slingplayer for iPad as well as the upcoming SlingTV.

In addition to real-time ratings that change constantly as games are in progress, Thuuz also provides pre- and post-game Excitement Ratings, and the latter gives us interesting insights into which were the best games to be watching over the weekend.

On the pro side, the Falcons’ 37-34 win over the Saints — in which Matt Ryan threw for 448 yards and Matt Bryant kicked field goals of 50+ yards to both tie the game as time expired and win the game in OT — was rated a maximum 100 by Thuuz. (According to Thuuz’s metrics, 85-100 indicates a game is great, 65-84 means it’s good, 40-64 is OK, and 0 to 39 is dull.) Other great games included Bengals-Ravens (96) and Colts-Broncos (92). On the flip side, unless you’re a Minnesota fan or a Cordarrelle Patterson fantasy owner, you probably didn’t enjoy the Vikings-Rams contest which rated a paltry 6.

You can check out graphs of every game’s excitement profile by clicking this image:


As for the college ranks, the highest scorer from Saturday was the Big 12 throwdown between Kansas State and Iowa State, in which the Wildcats’ 15-point comeback produced a 93 Excitement Rating. Other great college games included USC-Stanford (90) and Buffalo-Army (88). Graphs of the 16 best NCAA games’ excitement profiles are here:



We’ll check in on Excitement Ratings as the football season continues, and we hope you’ll find Thuuz as interesting and useful as we do.


Did You Know This About Your Slingbox?

04-25-14 - 500 + SP familyIf you’re a Slingbox owner, you know you can access your living room TV and watch it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone with the SlingPlayer app, no matter where you are. Heck, you could be in Switzerland, watching the Red Sox take on the Yankees in real time! OK, that’s a given.

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Reminded by Thuuz, Enabled by Sling

04-17-14 - Thuuz Q&A - Android phone screenThere’s no denying Slingbox owners love to watch their favorite sports teams on TV, tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac wherever they are. With Slingbox, we empower our customers to watch their home TV and their home sports teams anywhere, but sometimes they need to be reminded when to tune in.

Through a new partnership with Thuuz Sports, we came up with a great joint solution. With the Thuuz app and SlingPlayer app on your Android phone, users will receive notifications from Thuuz when the excitement level is peaking during games involving their favorite teams. Want to watch the game? Simply tap on the SlingPlayer link and instantly tune into the action. Users can access the game quickly without fumbling through channels, guides or directories.  Thuuz gives Slingbox owners one-touch accessibility to the most exciting games, right at their fingertips.

Thuuz is also available for iOS users, but the SlingPlayer integration for iPhone is coming this summer.

Want to check out it for yourself? Go to Google Play to download Thuuz and SlingPlayer. (They both need to be on your Android phone to receive this functionality.) Then start Slinging with Thuuz!

To give you a better idea of what Thuuz is about and how Slingbox and SlingPlayer are being incorporated, Warren Packard, CEO of Thuuz, answered a few questions for us – Q&A-style: Continue reading